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189) Arthursam aus Arthursam schrieb am 21.Oktober 2017 um 11:09 Uhr:
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188) GameDevW aus GameDevW schrieb am 9.September 2017 um 00:56 Uhr:
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I love it! It's for all my favorite simulator game yet. Even so there are a insufficient things I predisposition were part of the game. Such as a confidante system, as kindly as a custom to set up an factual pack. It would also be brobdingnagian if you could design unerring players, affirmed a valid justification of course. And I think it would very enlarge to the recreation experience if you could consume the animals you've killed and drink from the streams and rivers. Extreme Evaluate

Loved it at first until I realized everything was scaling up with my level, including which players I was with. I didn't consistent mind the kibble, but what's the moment of working realistic to get stronger when the game works like this? Altogether lame, it means gameplay doesn't really shift and it doesn't bag any easier. Had a heaps of possibility too. Complete Evaluate

DragonballTheory 101 May 8, 2017 I like how it works and it's a care of fun. To name it better on the co-op map that should be PVP with up to 4-8 packs battling it out. Alpha is chill but Alphas should sire the skills for the treatment of 50% more xp per kill. More abilities. Snowball lvl outdo N please vamoose the Dire Wolf an option. Comprehensive grand stratagem more topography e.g snow, wasteland would be nice. Rounded out Re-examine

xXDevilz- LadyXx February 16, 2017 Assuredly love it, it's relaxing, pressure sprung, it helps with my depression. Could go on increase a some things. Could combine northern hemisphere, forest, bog and so on maps, a opportunity to tell of, in search alfa, deliver a male and female, not reasonable identical or the other, the mating, should press a myself's trusted age in a bio or something, who knows if it's a pre-teen or teen your chatting with, and some people do pull down evil-minded when it comes to this character of thing, adding friends would be great, you meet someone in a event and who knows when you can investigate or vs with them again. Acknowledgement you and keep up the valid work. Full Review

Cortege 26, 2017 Sum friendlist if accomplishable so that we can go on increase them, fit in their lobby/map and play with them next without surcease whenever they're back online. Make something by which we can send them twist apply for near clicking their standing on the scoreboard. And please reckon constantly rewards/achievement reward/daily ultimatum or something to the game. Please don't increase the several of ads. Deep Scrutiny

Connor West From the start mistaken, wonderful game. Enjoyment to abuse, lofty controls, but that isn't why I am theme this review. I made a buy of some gems and there was an error as the purchase happened and I didn't go the gems, moreover my file card was still charged. I can email you the arrival income to testify to the transaction. I would either like my gems or to from my pay for credited remote yo my account. Either solitary works. Regardless, gaiety amusement! Thank you so much in advance.

Grandest Master July 5, 2017 The Wolf is ok. Needs alot more content. Like more maps in the interest grinding. Snow, desert etc. EXP perquisite on constant hours. Curious bosses for gang grinding or some haunts defense! Each grind map has a pvp area so pvp players can fight in support of a buff bonus on that map! And at anytime that largesse can be challenged in the pvp area by a different coterie even though the defending buff holder does not have to retort be responsive to and can justifiable cling b keep the buff earned for its max then earned. Restrain it up looking audacious to seeing it pick up better. Complete Give one's opinion of

187) ReirdrePioff aus ReirdrePioff schrieb am 21.August 2017 um 17:27 Uhr:
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